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Get Big Arms

Your Guide to massive Arms

Getting big, shapely, muscular arms is the dream of every man. Ask any bodybuilder and he will tell you that if you want to look big, you have got to get big arms.

Contrary to what some people think, you do not need to be genetically gifted like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Franco Columbu to be able to build huge arms. With proper diet and training, anyone can do it. Given below are seven tips that can help you build big, muscular arms quickly.

A lot of people, in the quest to get big guns quickly, hit the gym five to six days a week and do a lot of arm workouts. They do not seem to realize that it will only slow down the growth of their arm muscles. So, never make this mistake. Arm workouts, in general, should not be done more than two times a week.

Do not use your back muscles or shoulder muscles while doing arm workouts. A lot of people have the tendency to use their back muscles a little bit if they find it hard to do the last few reps. Remember – if you want to get big arms, your arm muscles should do all the lifting, not your back or shoulders. So, try to follow the good old bodybuilding axiom – never send a back or shoulder to do an arm’s job.

Biceps and Triceps to Get Big Arms

It is understandable that you want big biceps. In fact, a lot of men do. However, you should not focus too much on your biceps alone. If you do, your triceps could be weaker and smaller than your biceps and it could lead to a muscle imbalance. It could make you prone to muscle tear and other injuries. So, if you want to get big arms, you should make sure your arm workouts focus on your biceps and triceps equally.

If you want to make sure your arms are worked out to the extent possible, you should do isolation exercises. Triceps kickbacks, bicep curls, reclined curls, and standing single arm curls are some of the best workouts for your arm muscles. While doing these exercises, you should make sure you do forced reps, so that you push your muscles to stretch to the maximum possible extent and stimulate them to grow. It is the secret to get big arms fast.